An original patented method for a production of the next generation flexible adhesiveless composite materials   for Flexible Hybrid  Electronics .



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Our affordable technologies were designed to share a developing of the novel technical solutions as for FLEXIBLE HYBRID ELECTRONICS , as for related technologies.
From R&D to commercialization.


А film + Cu conductive layer.
( PI, PET or another polymeric films. (Kapton, Mylar or similar)
A standard films in a roll:
thickness : 10 - 50 microns,
a roll width: ~ 320, 640 mm.

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Base: PI, PET or another polymeric films.
1. А film (thickness 10 - 50 microns) + Cu conductive layer, thickness from 2 microns.
2. A film with different conductive structures on the sides. For an example( one side - the5 microns layer , on the back side - Cu foil (200 microns) or another.
3. Different combinations of metals layers and polymeric films,with Z-axis conductivity into the film from one side to back side or without one.
4. Any kind of shapes on face side and metal foil on the back, so these shapes will be connected to foil through the film directly.

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Cu foil

1. Extra High Developed structures as on the thin base layer ( from 2 microns) as on the thick foil (Up to 500 microns).
2. The internal working area for thermal pipes could be increased up to 100 times at the same surface area.
3. The structures on large areas are availible for the flat pipes and thermal radiators.

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Base materials :  

different combinations for  most of   the  kinds of polymeric films and metals. No seed layer and any adhesives at all.

Polymeric films: PET, PI, PC, PP and some another.

Metals and alloys: standard metals for electronics and biocompatible metals for the Bio-Medical application.


  Main capabilities:


  • The first direct additive, adhesiveless technology for a Flexible PCB production.

  • Any shapes of a flexible conductors picture with ultra fine and thin structures.

  • New structures with highly developed working surfaces on a large area for thermal interface materials (TIMs).

  • Z-axis electrical&thermal conductivity (a pure metal level).

  • New level for a reliability of the flexible PCB for a dynamic application, no adhesives, no THVs (vias) and their metallization.

  • Inexpencive, adhesiveless coopper clad laminates for a standard FPCB production.  The adhesiveless CC Laminates could be fabricated with different ( as for thickness,as for another kinds of metals)  conductive layers on the sides of a base polymeric film.

  • Biocompatible materials for bio- and medical (implantable) microelectronics and other.



Semiconductor materials for flexible electronics.