Our exellence

We are the first private FLEXIBLE ELECTRONICS project in Russia and one of the first in the world. An adhesiveless FPCB and HDI FPCB. A direct technology for a FPCB production. Adhesiveless Cu clad laminates for the standard applications and a PCB technology. Z-axis conductivity into polymeric film. No THV and their metalization. New kind of ultra thin and high effective TIM's . We have got a long time succsessful experience in a creating of new materials for the new prospective industrial applications, from the 90-th years of the last age Moreover, our affordable technologies were designed to share a developing of the novel technical solutions as for FLEXIBLE HYBRID ELECTRONICS , as for related technologies. From R&D to commercialization.

Creative team

We have been designing the new materials and technologies for their production for more than 25 years. For example: SOI is one of them, which was created on a base of one of our patented inventions.

We are the first

in a designing a few of the base solutions for some global technologies from the "Si- on- insulator" to the nano-structured materials for electronics and new materials for another high-tech applications.

We are open

and ready for a joint R&D and commercial collaboration. Especially for BIO-MEDICAL application (for a human body compatible electronics) and another.

Free for education

We are ready to share our knowlege for innovative educational programs and practical technological centers to study young people for new skills for the INDUSTRY 4.0. Materials&Technologies.

Some of our projects.

Flexible electronics. Brand protection. Adhesiveless materials. Educational program for Industry 4.0 skills.